Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Welcome to the History Trail!

Hello!  I am delighted that you are visiting my site.  Please leave a comment, and tell me about your interest in genealogy and family history.  If you would like to contact me directly, my email address is

I have been researching my family lines for over 12 years, and love the detective puzzle that is the research process.  I began teaching and lecturing in 2009.  Lectures currently available include those listed below, and I am creating many more.
  • Google: Search Techniques and other Google Tools
  • Hidden Treasures in Google
  • Making a Family Map Using Google Maps
  • Google Books
  • Online Books
Please contact me if you would like to book a lecture for your group or club in southern California, or schedule a personal consultation.  I am available for research, individual or small group coaching, or larger classes.  I love teaching beginners, and helping people discover the satisfaction of discovery!

On this site I will post some helpful hints, discoveries, and share the process of my own research.

Let's head down the History Trail!